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I'm a simple Scottish girl with an unusual name and a strange obsession for nail polish! My aim is to capture what the eye sees, with a camera! Too much nail polish and never enough time. I have also started wildlife photography, which I enjoy very much. Welcome to my little world :-)

Saturday 30 July 2022

Christmas In July


When I was out walking a few weeks ago, I saw someone had put Christmas Bauble decorations on this tree. A few red ones and a white snowman. I think they have probably been there since last Christmas! It made me smile!

Friday 29 July 2022

Ashy Mining Bee


This is a white bee! Have you ever seen a white bee before? I first saw this 2 years ago at the pond and have seen it this year and last year too! It is an Ashy Mining Bee! How cool does it look huh :-)

Thursday 28 July 2022

Chester Zoo Visit

At the start of July I got a lovely surprise. I was whisked off to Chester Zoo for the day. It was an amazing experience. I have managed to get 650 photos down to 21 haha! Hope you enjoy all these lovely animals. Chester Zoo is such a good day out and I found the places to eat within the Zoo did cater for vegan/vegetarian and dairy free diets.

I would also like to say RIP Bernard Cribbins who died today. I think many generations here in the UK know him from one TV show or another and many films.

Wednesday 27 July 2022

A Cinnabar Moth


I saw this Cinnabar Moth when I was out walking last month. It wasn't really moving on the ground so I picked it up to make sure it was okay. It was happy to sit on my finger for a few minutes then I put it into the grass and it fluttered away.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

A Blue Tit


Following on from my post the other day, this is a Blue Tit. He was very happy with the seeds I put down for the birds. You can see he looks slightly different from the Great Tit and is slightly smaller too. Still a very pretty bird I think.

Sunday 24 July 2022

A Great Tit


I spotted this Great Tit in the tree when I was feeding the birds. I think he looks quite happy sitting there waiting for his turn at the seeds!

Saturday 23 July 2022



I managed to capture this Drangfly in early June. Isn't it a beauty! From what I gather, I think it is a 4-Spotted Chaser. I don't see too many Dragonflies but there are a few about unlike the Damselflies which are really popular here. 

Friday 22 July 2022



I saw this little newt a few months ago. He was very friendly. After we had a chat and I got photos, I put him safely back in the grass!

I went a walk today and thankfully it was much cooler and overcast. I went up a few steep hills and felt really unfit haha! It had been raining heavily overnight and the ground, grass and woodlands were still wet. By the time I got home and was washing my hair, it started to rain. I was very lucky to have missed it. Great to see the rain though, after our little heatwave! Good for the wildlife and plants.

Thursday 21 July 2022

A Content Robin


I managed to get a good photo of this robin when I was feeding him seeds! There is a regular spot on my usual walk, a little tree stump, where other kind folk put bird seeds as well. I started giving the birds names haha! This is Robbie Robin. 

I was out a shorter walk today and the heat wasn't too bad. I got a few great photos and was playing about with the settings on my phone in the camera. Then we all went shopping and I got some Hallowe'en stuff - yes Hallowe'en stuff is in a few shops already! Hallowe'en is my absolute favourite <3 I'll post my purchases soon.

Wednesday 20 July 2022

A Lovely Ladybird


I spotted this little ladybird in my back garden when I was sitting outside having a coffee. Isn't it a cutie! In the second photo it is about to take off but looks like it is about to go into battle with some other insect! This is the first year, in a while, that I have seen a lot! The past few years there haven't been many. 

Today was a good bit cooler hitting 23C (73F). I went out a long walk with my friend and we got lots of photos. We were both exhausted after it! We did just over 10 miles (16km). I am hoping, despite the several coffees I've had today, that I get a good sleep haha!

Tuesday 19 July 2022

A Serious Looking Seagull


This is a lovely looking Seagull but doesn't he have a serious look to him! I took this photo while I was out with my good friend Isabel. She is really into photography too and we can share our passion together.

Today it was up to 32C (89.5 F). I slept most of the morning and early afternoon, the joys of working nightshift haha! I got up and had plenty water then visited the pond to see the gang and went for a short walk. This was late afternoon and it was cooler because there was a lovely breeze! I hope it wasn't too hot where you all were. I was reading it was really bad in England and London got it really bad.

Monday 18 July 2022

Clear Sky


A lovely clear sky in Scotland! Which is unusual as it normally rains here! Today where I live we had maximum temperatures of 30C (86F) which is really hot for us! I visited the pond, did some shopping and stayed in the house after that with the fans on and had plenty water.

Saturday 16 July 2022

Friday 15 July 2022

Six-spot Burnet Moth


This is a Six-spot Burnet Moth. It was very friendly! These moths are usually seen during the day whereas a lot of moths are nocturnal.

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Frogs - Update


Plenty of tadpoles appeared in May. Not as many as last year but still a lot.

Then all these little fellows appeared. They have been leaving the pond over the last month or so and I actually saw a few today but they were a good bit away from the pond. Any that have been on the paths or exposed I have been putting back into the grass. They are so tiny and an easy target! I do really like frogs and think they are amazing creatures.

Monday 11 July 2022

Monday 4 July 2022

A Bee Playing Hide and Seek

Had a few days away from blogging. But back now!

I spotted this bee hiding in a Foxglove!