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I'm a simple Scottish girl with an unusual name and a strange obsession for nail polish! My aim is to capture what the eye sees, with a camera! Too much nail polish and never enough time. I have also started wildlife photography, which I enjoy very much. Welcome to my little world :-)

Thursday 11 January 2024

Edinburgh Zoo Trip 2 - 5th February 2023

These are from nearly a year ago! We have renewed our annual pass to the zoo but still not been this year! Planning to go soon and make use of the pass. In other news, I sadly had to leave my job so I am currently looking for another one.


Wednesday 10 January 2024


My post for Signs today is this:

I took this on the 8th of December last year. This was part of a normal walk I did and this appeared! Just a little bit up beyond the gate is a waterfall and about a half mile a pond then another half mile a few more ponds. This is kinda in the middle of nowhere but there is a water plant to the right, so I guess this must be for their staff!

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Meet Colin

This beautiful creature is Colin. Full name Colin Hissy! He appeared around December time at the pond. I had a feeling that the swan was male so called him Colin. Being a young one, he is very wary and hisses a lot, that is why he got the name Colin Hissy. He hasn't been there for 2 days now so I wonder if he has moved on. He was on his own, just him along with the ducks, crows and the Heron at the pond. I really hope he comes back soon as I am starting to miss him! Just means more food for the crows and ducks!!!


I'd also like to wish Jimmy Page a happy 80th birthday for today! I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan!

Monday 8 January 2024

Spot The Heron

I took these photos today. So can you spot the Heron in both?


Saturday 6 January 2024

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!

I had planned a few posts over Christmas and New Year and them boom I was struck down with a terrible chest infection that seems to be doing the rounds in Scotland just now. I finished work on the morning of Christmas Eve and was fine then after a few hours sleep I was really unwell. It just hit me and floored me! Glad to say I am a lot better now! I hope everyone is well and enjoyed their Christmas and New Year :-)

I had a few photos of the cats for Christmas Day, so I'll post them just now! Better late than never haha! They don't wear collars but I got this festive collar with their Advent Calendar!

Up first we have the new kitten Stitch.

Next we have Jethro...he wasn't for posing!

Next up we have Abby, again not really one for posing!

And finally Chiana who sort of posed!

Sunday 24 December 2023

Is It A Duck?

I took this photo on the 7th of December. Does it look like a duck to you? Aren't trees wonderful and how they look like different things!

Not long until Christmas here in the UK. All the best to everyone and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :-D

Friday 22 December 2023

Mr Rook Goes Shopping

I was out shopping on the 20th a few days ago and I was just getting into my car to leave the carpark and I noticed 2 Rooks not far from me, so I got my phone out and started taking photos. This Rook was getting a bit of orange that someone must have thrown away!  

Thursday 21 December 2023

A Funny Sign

I was so tired I didn't manage to blog yesterday! I have a sign for signs post which is on a Wednesday. This is from Edinburgh Zoo and made me laugh! I took this one on 8th July.

Tuesday 19 December 2023

A Little Wasp

I know a lot of people don't like wasps. I have a lot of time for these little insects and they really are important in our world. I have been stung by one that flew up my tshirt a few years ago and I didn't really have any issues. This is probably my favourite photo from this year and I was just so happy to capture this fellow. I took this photo on 24th August.

Monday 18 December 2023

Frosty Photos

I missed yesterday as I was totally exhausted after my 2 nightshifts! I am working this Friday and Saturday night, so will finish up on Christmas Eve morning!

Here are a few frosty photos I took on 6th Decemeber. We had a cold spell for a few days and since then it has been really mild, raining all the time and fairly windy!

Saturday 16 December 2023

Seagulls in Blackpool

We visited Blackpool in September and went to the Pleasure Beach, which has a lot of rides and entertainment. I was sitting having a coffee and eating fries when a few Seagulls decided to join me so I fed them some fries and they rewarded me with some nice photos! I do like Seagulls, I know a lot of people don't! I have never had a bad experience with a Seagull and always feed them. They are really smart birds and interesting too.


Friday 15 December 2023

Texture Of A Tree

I enjoy trying to capture the textures on tress and was quite taken with this one. I took these on 2nd April this year.

Thursday 14 December 2023


So these few photos took me about an hour chasing after the little fellow, but it was well worth it! These are both from 5th July this year. 

I feel really lucky to have managed to get these photos.

Wednesday 13 December 2023

A Few Birds

Both these photos are from one of my walks last week on 5th December. The first bird is a Blue Tit and the second is, I think, a young Blackbird. 

Tuesday 12 December 2023

Meet Stitch

My partner's dad took a turn for the worst in early October and he went to visit. His dad lives near London and we are in Central Scotland, so a long way to travel. Usually about 6 hours drive. I sadly couldn't go as I was working and it was sudden. He got the call on the Thursday morning and was down there by the Thursday evening. It was very upsetting for him. His dad's family were fostering a rescue kitten who had been abandoned in a park and left for dead. It was almost time for the kitten to go to his forever home and we got offered him. I got a few photos from my partner and said to him if he was okay having 4 cats, then yes I'd have the little fellow.

Fast forward a few months and his dad is alive and well. A living miracle, the doctors said. So we are all over the moon at that.

The last few months have been fun and games! I have 3 cats who have been together for 13 years and then I introduced this little baby! My Bengal is male and the king of the castle so it took time for them to be integrated! The 2 girls didn't really bother too much. Now after 2 months things are a lot better between the 4 cats. The Bengal and kitten still play fight a lot but they are both males. My daughter absolutely loves the new addition! So here are some photos:

This was the night he arrived. My partner brought him back in a cat carrier and stopped to feed and water him. 

These 2 are from this month.

His name is Stitch...after Lilo and Stitch as my daughter is obsessed with that cartoon! He is very feisty and I forgot how mental and bonkers kittens can be! When we first got him, we took him to the vets for a check up and get registered there and they reckoned he was between 3-4 months old. He is so photogenic and loves his humans!

Monday 11 December 2023

Hello Again

Hello everyone. Sorry for the long, long absence. It wasn't intended. Nothing bad just work was getting too much. I ended up struggling at my old job and got a new job in August, which I absolutely love. One of the best, if not the best, jobs I have ever had. I work 2 nights a week, yes back on nightshift again! 

Last time I was out walking and taking photos was early July and then I started again last week and been out most days since. I forgot how much I love taking photos, walking and blogging, oh and of course painting my nails haha! I have lots of photos from those months I wasn't blogging, so I will need to go through them all and see what to post.

Health wise everything has been fine apart from a wee cold here and there and nothing that floored me. I managed to work through them. I am still taking honey and all the other natural things. I'll probably post about that soon and my experiences.

I hope everyone is well and thanks for all the lovely comments you all left on all the blogs. Talking of the other blogs, I was upset to find out that the Ciate did not have a nail polish advent calendar this year! Last year was the 10th Anniversary, so I am wondering if they decided to stop after that!

I also have a surprise for tomorrow that I will post about! Irina already knows about this! ;-)

Friday 14 April 2023

Hawthorn Fly


This is a Hawthorn Fly. When you see them flying, their little legs kinda dangle down and it is quite funny to see. I took these last May.

Thursday 13 April 2023

A Robin In February


As the title suggests this a Robin I got a nice shot of in Feb! I find on my walk, that Robins are really friendly and it is often easy to get photos of them!

I totally forgot to do my Signs posts yesterday! I'll get one sorted for next Wednesday. 

Tuesday 11 April 2023

Monday 10 April 2023

Beautiful Creature


What a beautiful creature this swan is. I managed to get this photo when were out and about near Loch Lomond a few weeks ago.

Saturday 8 April 2023

Another Sign Of Spring


Snowdrops are another sign of spring. In early March they were starting to show! 

Friday 7 April 2023

More Frogs and Toads

So these are the last of the photos from the 2 weeks of spawning. 

Thursday 6 April 2023

First Bee Of 2023

This is the first bee I have seen at the pond this year! It looked like it was struggling so gave it a little sugar solution. Isn't it a pretty one!